Land Promotion and Direct Investment


South Coast Land, Planning and Development Ltd can apply the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to pursue planning permission, as well as funding all of the associated costs.

In exchange for a fair and reasonable proportion of the end-sales-value of the site, landowners will find our Land Promotion service de-risks the project whilst offering significant enhancements over and above existing use value.



Land Promotion Agreement – Options:

Option Agreements


An Option Agreement is a written agreement between us and the landowner. It means we can apply the skills and expertise necessary to prepare, submit and manage the Planning application.

Entering into an Option Agreement means the landowner bears none of the cost or risk associated with the traditional ‘going it alone’ approach to Planning.

Under this approach our clients have none of the cost of external consultants required for technical studies and surveys necessary to support the application process either. We take care of it all.

If Planning can’t be achieved, our clients are in the same financial position as before. It’s a no-win / no-fee service offering landowners a full-complement of fully accredited, professional development professionals – without the financial burden.

Once Planning is achieved, we then exercise our right to acquire the land for its new and enhanced market value, benefitting from the Planning consent, less only pre-agreement discount to reflect the time, cost, risk and work that we applied to get it there.

Clients under an Option Agreement have the opportunity to achieve extremely significant financial gains without the usual risk profile of speculative Planning. Option Agreements are entered into at the Companies’ discretion. Please call us for a free appraisal and an informed response to any opportunity.

Promotion Agreements


A Promotion Agreement is similar to an Option Agreement, but rather than purchase the site for development once Planning is achieved, we will take it to the open market and sell the site to the highest bidder on the client’s behalf.

This offers clients a very similar opportunity to an Option Agreement in circumstances where South Coast Land, Planning and Development Ltd may not wish to acquire the site directly.

In exchange for the application of skills, knowledge and finance in order to achieve Planning consent, South Coast Land retain a prior-agreed percentage of the land sales value, equating to an equitable return in exchange for us generating the vast increase in land value, thus enhancing the client’s wealth (subject to Planning approval), without the client bearing either the cost, or the risk of other traditional routes to planning.

This is a very popular service which typically offers to return anywhere from 75-85% of the full market value of the land with Planning consent.

*This service is strictly available at the companies’ discretion. For more information, please contact us for a friendly & helpful discussion.